Consolidating Data to accelerate Water Security Plan Development

Project Summary

Effective water governance and disaster response needs data of stock of water resources, rate of flow of water, soil moisture levels, daily precipitation levels.

Deriving cause-effect links between the scale of use of water in a particular region and its possible effect on the status of water resources in the vicinity is an extremely difficult exercise because water stocks and flows are affected by so many causal links which need to be studied and quantified in an integrated manner. An integral part of any water resource study is developing a water balance model to estimate water availability and water demand.

The project was envisioned to study availability and accessibility of inter-operable data and create prototypes that allowed for overlaying of local data over satellite data. To build a free and open source data portal for water resources information in India.


  1. A web application prototype that will collate and display secondary data
  2. A paper that outlines sources of data, type of data, level to which available (GP, village, etc.) and nature of the source (Paid/ unpaid/ format available etc.)
  3. A model WSP format – along with indications for what data already exists in secondary sources.
*Grant amount & beneficiary figures are as per actuals for completed projects.